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Magenta UK Numbering Database - Numbering Membership

The Magenta UK Numbering Database is designed for those that need to fully integrate telephone numbering, tariff band and locality information into their own systems. The original raw database is available as a set of comma separated variable (CSV) text files that may be importing into custom databases. The database comprises the following tables (approximate number of records bracketed, it changes weekly), samples of which can be provided upon request:

  • AllCodes.csv - The main lookup table (442,899)
  • AreaCodes.csv - Area names and codes (942)
  • Bands.csv - Tariff charge bands, descriptions and codes (1,502)
  • Countries.csv - Full international information (813)
  • DescCodes.csv - Various look-up descriptions (43)
  • Distance.csv - Shows local code pairs (26,236)
  • Localites.csv - Locality, post town, post code and area code (5,595)
  • Operators.csv - Operator contact info (2,095)

The numbering database is a snapshot of current numbers and tariff bands, usually updated weekly, as new source data from BT and Ofcom is released.

Cost of the Magenta UK Numbering Database is £1,000 plus VAT for the first year (which include full site membership), and £300 plus VAT for subsequent years. Existing site members will be credited with their current fee and so only pay the difference. This price licenses the database to be used in one company or organisation only, and does not allow redistribution with applications. Please contact Magenta Systems Ltd for details on redistribution licensing.

The Magenta UK Numbering Database is distributed in a ZIP file, and may be downloaded from the password protected Numbering section of this web site. It is updated weekly, or less often if there is no new numbering or tariff information from Ofcom or BT.

CodeLook Json API

Some of the features of our CodeLook dialling code lookup are available using a Json API, for business and numbering members that prefer to integrate our data into their own systems rather than downloading data files or using a web page.

For Business Trade Members, the Json API is designed for casual use only, similarly to the CodeLook web page, not for sequentially trawling the database, the API tracks usage with 50 requests permitted within 24 hours, before further requests are rejected.  Currently, the most popular CodeLook numbering queries are available as Json APIs, but other queries can be added, please just ask. We don't plan to offer any call costing or broadband cabinet lookup APIs.

Two different API protocols are supported, HTTPS GET web requests and Websocket WSS API requests, both returning Json arrays of records. 

For API, Numbering and Database members using the dedicated Json API server, the limit is 50,000 requests within 24 hours. 

Full details of the CodeLook API for paid members are at:

Magenta SQL Telecom Database - Database Membership

The Magenta SQL Telecom Database offers a Microsoft SQL Server 2018 database with both numbering and tariff information, exactly the same database that drives this web site. Unlike Numbering Membership, Database Membership includes all our tariff information which may be used to cost telephone calls for billing or competitive purposes using about 500 different tariffs. A single Microsoft SQL Server 2018 database file is supplied that may be quickly restored to other SQL servers, rather than needing to import lots of CSV files.

The database includes various stored procedures to access the 29 tables with about 800,000 rows of numbering, locality and tariff data. For use with other SQL databases, CSV files are also be available. The SQL database is historic, containing old and current numbering and tariff information allowing telephone calls to be costed as at a specified date. 

Please note the tariffs in the database are currently taken from the tariff spreadsheet and only include costs to about 40 countries.  Systems are currently being developed to automate the import of tariffs from spreadsheets, CSV and XML files, and web pages (similarly to how numbering has been done for 10 years) so costs for all charge bands will finally be available.

Cost of the Magenta SQL Telecom Database is £2,000 plus VAT for the first year (which include full site membership), and £1,000 per year plus VAT subsequently. Existing site members will be credited with their current fee and so only pay the difference. This price licenses the database to be used in one company or organisation only, and does not allow redistribution with applications. Please contact Magenta Systems Ltd for details on redistribution licensing.

The main database is named magtelecom and is built with Microsoft SQL Server 2018.   There are five main tables, 12 child tables, one work table and nine small type validation tables.  

Table Name Expected Rows Purpose Description
area codes 5,000 Child Area names and codes
band costs 70,000 to 500,000 Child All calling costs with tariff, charge band, day type, time band, start time, cost per minute, set-up and tariff name and optional dial through access number, includes historic data
call costs 400,000 to 600,000 Work Sample call costs for current tariffs for various call durations, designed for sorted selections, work created from band costs, no historic data
call lengths 7 Child Sample call lengths for call costs 
call types 4 Child Sample call types at different times of the week  for call costs
charge bands 1,200 Main Tariff bands, descriptions and codes
code types 9 Types Main code category
countries 800 Main Full international information
cps codes 150 Child Ofcom carrier pre selection codes CPS
cupid codes 600 Child Ofcom communication provider identity codes CUPID
day types 11 Types Days of the week for band costs
discounts 16 Types Discount categories used by BT
distances 24,000 Child Local code pairs of local call charging based on distance
free call periods 6 Types Tariff package free call periods
localities 12,000 Child Locality, post town, post code and area code
mnc codes 50 Child Ofcom mobile network codes MNC
numbers 320,000 to 500,000 Main All dialling codes with tariff band, operator and locality
op types 10 Types Operator type, whether information is published 
operators 5,000 to 10,000 Main Operator contact info
rentals 100 to 500 Child Line rental and fixed costs for a tariff, includes historic data
reseller codes 2,500 Child Ofcom reseller identity codes RID and addresses
services 30 Types Detailed code category
statuses 8 Types Ofcom Code number status, whether it's used or not
tariff services 20,000 to 100,000 Child Tariff service common costs and charging methods, includes historic data
tariff types 12 Types Tariff categorisation types, including residential or business
tariffs 850 to 5,00 Main Tariff package names, with monthly cost, operator, rental cost, tariff type and lots of band costs and tariff services in child tables, includes historic data
time bands 4 Types Time band categorisation

In addition to the main SQL tables, other tables will exist in the magtelecom database to assist with program control.  These include:
Table Name Description
defaults Contains various default values
seqnos Maintains the next available unique id number for a variety of tables.

The Magenta SQL Gazetteer Database offers a Microsoft SQL Server database with UK locality information, post codes, town names, place names, post code districts and various other gazetteer information.  This database is used to prepare and validate the locality information in the Telecom Database, but may have other purposes. Note there are multiple place or town  name tables from different sources, with differing county names, some with partial old post codes, not all of which will validate against other, since there is no 'official' formalised list of places in the UK.

Note the Gazetteer Database is approximately 1.5 gigs in size and is updated four times a year, when Ordnance Survey issues new Code-Point Open post codes.

Table Name Expected Rows Purpose Description
Gazetteer of British place names from Association of British Counties, with traditional and administrative counties
post codes 1,800,000 < Full post codes with map and grid references from Ordnance Survey  Code-Point Open
town names 1,600 Post towns and traditional counties from Association of British Counties
place codes 27,000 Old list of places with administrative county and partial post code
post district codes 3,000 Contains every outward post code, giving the post town and county, from web
os place names 260,000 Gazetteer of British place names from Ordnance Survey, with administrative counties, from 1:50,000 scale gazetteer
os locator 850,000 Gazetteer of British road names and localities from Ordnance Survey Locator
os country codes 6 Child Country codes from Office of National Statistics
os county codes 40 Child Local government administrative county codes from Ordnance Survey
os district codes 400 Child Local government administrative district codes from Ordnance Survey
os ward codes 9000 Child Local government administrative ward codes from Ordnance Survey
os nhs areas 50 Child NHS area and region codes from Ordnance Survey

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