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20th December 2023

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This list will be kept as up to date as possible, but companies often disappear without notice so can anyone who has new information or spots inaccuracies please email so it can be kept up to date.
Service withdrawn

3U Telecom (January 2006)
ACN Europe (December 2018)
Alpha Telecom (Onyx Innovation UK Ltd, ceased trading January 2012)
Amerada Telecom (April 2002)
Atlantic Telecomms (10 November 2001, 12,000 direct customers cut off without warning)
Cable & Wireless Comms (Mercury) indirect customers by NTL in 1999, then by Innogy Holdings (Npower) (November 2001)
Callfox (June 2003)
Callmate (June 2001)
Callnet 145
Cause Call
Connectacom Network Solutions (May 2007)
Continental Telecom (shut down by High Court August 2011)
Crystal Telecom (December 2005)
Demon Voice over Broadband (previously Legend Pipecall) (September 2009)
Dolphin Telecom (Inquam) (July 2004)
DTC Direct (Docklands Telecom Centre), September 2014
ETI (UK) (UK operation of Excel Comms, October 2001, relaunched as EuExcel April 2002)
Freetalk (Dixons, September 2006)
Interhouse Telecom 118 service (September 2006)
Internet Telecommunications PLC (April 2008)
Lloyds TSB Ideal (April 2007)
Long Distance International
Maxtalk (December 2009)
N-Power (September 2003, see below)
Plus Save (shut down by High Court August 2011)
Severn Trent Telecoms
Swiftcall (November 2009)
T2M Telecom Ltd (in administration September 2007)
TalkUK PLC (ex UKBell) (August 2003)
Telesave (Februasry 2021)
Tesco Internet Phone VoIP (April 2010)
Thus residential (November 2001)
Touch Telecom - E7even UK Ltd (July 2006)
WorldOnline/LocalTel/Tiscali (see below)
Yellow Telecoms (October 2011)

Customer base taken over by new operator
(note this does not necessarily mean the old company ceased trading, the old name may remain as well)

21C Telecom, by, (2013)
24Talk, by OneBill Telecom, then Comms Factory, then by PlusNet (2013)
360 Solutions, by Arrow Business Communications (2018)
3G Comms, by Daisy Group (March 2010)
4Com customers, by Daisy Group (June 2009)
Accent Telecom UK, by Pinnacle Telecom (June 2009)
Alpha Telecom, by Tele2 AB (February 2003)
Alpha Telecom, by Onyx Innovation UK (2010)
Admiral Managed Networks, by Adept Telecom (February 2006)
Amelix Telecom, by Radius Payment Solutions (July 2020)
AOL Broadband, by The Carphone Warehouse, aka TalkTalk (October 2006)
AT&T Communications (UK), by Viatel (aka VTLWavenet), then by MDNX Group (October 2010), now called Easynet
AT Communications Group, by Daisy Group (August 2009)
Atlantic Telecom, indirect residential users by Affinity Telecomms/Breathe (August 2001)
Atlantic Telecom, indirect business users by Opal Telecom (November 2001)
Axis Telecom,  by Daisy Group (November 2019)
AXS Telecom, by Liberty Surf (aka Tiscali)
Band-X, by Invomo (October 2007)
Be Un Limited, by O2 Telefónica UK, then by Sky (March 2013)
BNS  Telecom Group, by Daisy Group (March 2010)
Breathe, by Impello, renamed back to First:Telecom (May 2003)
BTL Communications, by Arrow Business Communications (December 2019)
Bulldog, by Cable & Wireless (May 2004), then by Pipex Communications (2004), then by Tiscali (July 2007), then by The Carphone Warehouse, aka TalkTalk, (July 2009)
Cable & Wireless Worldwide, by Vodafone Group (July 2012)
Cable Telecom (GB) Ltd, by Telstra (February 2004)
Cable Telecommunications, by Chess (July 2012)
Call Options, by Adept Telecom (July 2005)
Call Union, by Coms PLC (December 2006)
Callserve, by Vyke Communications (January 2008)
Call Sciences, by YAC (2012)
Centrica (aka British Gas), by The Carphone Warehouse, aka TalkTalk (December 2005)
Connaught Telecom, by Adept Telecom (December 2003)
Comms Consulting, by Elite Group (October 2017)
Comms Factory, by PlusNet (November 2013)
Coms PLC, by RedstoneConnect (June 2016)
Coms.Com, by Timico (June 2015)
Connectacom Network Solution, by Adept Telecom (February 2005)
Coralbridge, by aql (February 2008)
CSS, by Adept Telecom (August 2003)
Demon, by Thus, then Cable & Wireless (October 2008), then Vodafone (July 2012)
Digital Communications Systems, by Babble (October 2021)
Dolphin Telecom by Inquam (June 2002)
Drumbeat Communications, by Solar Communications (January 2009)
Easynet, by Sky (2006), B2B part by LDC (July 2010), then by MDNX Group (December 2013), note Sky retained UK network assets of Easynet.
Eclipse Broadband, by Global 4 Group (May 2021)
Ecocall, by Opal Telecom (December 2004)
EcosseTel, by UKBell (April 2001)
Edge Telecom, by GCI Telecom Group (2013)
Energis, by Cable & Wireless (August 2005), then by Vodafone Group (July 2012)
Esprit, by Eurocall (previously by GTS and Ventelo), July 2002
Euphony Holdings Ltd and Euphony Communications Ltd, by Euphony Telecommunications Ltd (December 2009), then by Hive Telecom Ltd (June 2010)
Eurobell (Sussex) indirect customers, by Adept Telecom (June 2003)
Eurocall residential (aka World Access, NETnet, ACC, WorldxChange), by Affinity Telecomms/Breathe (December 2001)
Eurocall business by Your Communications (March 2004)
Eurotel, by Daisy Group (August 2009)
Excel Communications (USA) by Vartec (August 2001)
EurExcel by The Carphone Warehouse Group, aka TalkTalk (March 2005)
ExchangeXT, by Coms PLC (December 2006)
Executel, by TalkTalk Business (June 2011)
First National Telecom by Wavecrest (February 2003)
First Call Direct, by The Phone Co-op (February 2001)
First:Telecom, First Utility and Impello, by Shell Energy Retail, then by Octopus Energy (Decemberl 2023)
Fizz Telecom SME customers, by Adept Telecom (June 2006)
Fuel Broadband, by Post Office (July 2017)
Fused Group (Fused Webcalls), by Griffin Information Services (2010)
Future Integrated Telecom (FIT), by Glow Telecom (2002)
Gage Networks Ltd, by Intercity Telecom Ltd (April 2015)
Global Crossing, by Hutchison Whampoa and Singapore Technologies Telemedia (January 2002)
Greystone Telecom, by TalkTalk Business (May 2012)
Griffin Information Systems, by MDNX Group (2013), now named Easynet Channel Partners
Halo Communications, by Babble (October 2021)
Hay Systems, by  Link Mobility UK (December 2018)
HighwayOne, by Zipcom (June 2001)
Homecall (Caudwell Communications), by Pipex Communications (March 2006), then Tiscali (July 2007), then The Carphone Warehouse, aka TalkTalk, (July 2009)
HomeChoice, by Tiscali (March 2007), then The Carphone Warehouse, aka TalkTalk, (July 2009)
IDN Telecom, by Redstone (January 2007)
Iios Ltd, by Vyke Communications (February 2008)
Independent Fibre Retail, by Sky UK (September 2019)
InTechnology Managed Services, by Redcentric (July 2014)
Interhouse Telecom fixed line customers, by UniverCell (September 2006)
Interhouse Telecom prepaid and premium, by Snazzy SMG (September 2006)
Interoute Go Talk!, by First National Telecom (July 2001), then Wavecrest (Feb 2003)
Interoute wholesale business by Wavecrest (Nov 2002)
Interroute, by GTT (2018)
Invomo, by GCI Telecom Group (2013)
Ipitomi, by Daisy Group (April 2011)
Jajah, by Telefonica/O2 (December 2009)
Jippii! SuperLine, by SuperLine Telecommunications Ltd (July 2002)
Just Dial (One.Tel, then TalkTalk) by New Call Telecom (July 2011)
Legend Communications (aka PipeCall), by Thus (aka Demon) (2006)
Level 3 Communications UK, by CenturyLink Communications UK (Nov 2017)
Logicom Systems, by Daisy Communications (October 2006)
London Energy, by Adept Telecom (September 2004)
Loop Communications, by Adept Telecom (October 2003)
Nevada Tele.Com, by Energis (November 2002)
NewNet, by Timico (February 2010), now Timico Partner Services (2014)
NewTel, by The Carphone Warehouse, aka TalkTalk (September 2006)
Nildram, by Pipex Communications (August 2004), by Tiscali (July 2007), then by The Carphone Warehouse, aka TalkTalk, (July 2009)
N-Power by Tiscali (September 2003)
NTL is now called Virgin Media (March 2007)
O-bit Telecom, by Daisy Group (February 2011)
O2 Telefónica UK fixed line and broadband, by Sky (March 2013)
Omne Telecommunications by WightCable North Ltd (2003)
One.Tel, by Centrica (aka British Gas), and then by The Carphone Warehouse, aka TalkTalk (December 2005)
OneBill Telecom, by XLN Telecom (February 2009), then by Daisy Group (March 2022)
Opal Telecommunications, by The Carphone Warehouse, aka TalkTalk (November 2002)
Pearl Telecom, by The Carphone Warehouse, aka TalkTalk (2007)
Pink Telecom, by Chess (July 2012)
Pipex residential customers, by Tiscali (July 2007), then by The Carphone Warehouse, aka TalkTalk, (July 2009)
Platinum Telecom, by Chess (June 2008)
PlusNet, by British Telecom (January 2007)
PNC Telecom, by Invomo (October 2007)
Post Office, by Shell Energy Broadband, then by Octopus Energy (Decemberl 2023)
Powergen network (Hurricaneyes) by Telstra (October 2003)
Primus Telecommunications retail assets, by New Call Telecom Ltd (October 2010)
Pure Telecom, by Radius Payment Solutions (Nov 2019)
Racal, by Global Crossing (1999)
Ratebuster (One.Tel, then TalkTalk) by New Call Telecom (July 2011)
Redstone Converged Solutions Ltd, by Coms PLC (November 2013)
Redstone Telecom telecom and mobile divisions, by Daisy Group (August 2009)
Redstone managed cloud services demerged to Redcentric Communications (April 2013)
Reliance IP Networks, by Radius Payment Solutions (Nov 2019)
Routo Telecommunications, by TeleSign Mobile (February 2013)
RSL COM by Eurocall (November 2001)
Savant Sage, by Adept Telecom (March 2004)
seethelight (Independent Fibre Retail), by Sky UK (September 2019)
SSE Energy and Retail, by OVO Energy (January 2020)
SSE Phone and Broadband (less Energy), by TalkTalk (October 2022) 
Servista, by OneBill Telecom (February 2004)
Sesui, by Babble Cloud (April 2021)
Seven Telecom, unknown (September 2005)
Shell Energy Broadband, by Octopus Energy (Decemberl 2023)
Skymarker, by GCI Telecom Group (2013)
Solar Tec, by Solar Communications (January 2009)
Solwise Telephony, by Pinnacle Group (January 2010)
Spiritel, by Daisy Group (November 2010)
Smallworld Fibre (aka Smallworld Cable), by Virgin Media (February 2014)
STL Communications, by Opal Telecom (November 2004)
SWEB Energy, by Adept Telecom (September 2004)
SuperLine, by Coms PLC (December 2006)
Swains, by Wavenet (2017)
Symphony Telecom, by Redstone (June 2006, then by Daisy Group (August 2009)
Talk Direct, by Adept Telecom (August 2005)
Talk Internet, by Wavenet (2017)
Telco Global, by Centrica (aka One.Tel) (Sept 2004), then by The Carphone Warehouse, aka TalkTalk (December 2005)
Tele2, by The Carphone Warehouse, aka TalkTalk (December 2005)
Telecentric, by PowerGen (November 2003)
Telecom Direct, by Adept Telecom (2008)
Telequip, by Opal Telecom (October 2004)
Telia UK (B2B business), by Gamma Telecom (November 2002)
Telinet, by Daisy Group (April 2011)
Telinco, by WorldOnline Business Services (aka Tiscali)
Tesco Broadband & Homephone, by TalkTalk (January 2015)
Telewest, by NTL, now called Virgin Media (March 2006)
TIPicall, by TalkTalk (May 2015)
Tiscali UK, by The Carphone Warehouse, aka TalkTalk (July 2009)
The Cloud Networks, by BSkyB (January 2011)
Thus, by Cable & Wireless (October 2008), then by Vodafone (July 2012)
Topup2talk (One.Tel, then TalkTalk) by New Call Telecom (July 2011)
Totalise PLC by Tspeak UK Ltd (August 2002), then by The Phone Co-Op (December 2005)
Toucan, by Pipex Communications, then Tiscali (July 2007), then by The Carphone Warehouse, aka TalkTalk (July 2009)
Transglobal Telecom, by Adept Telecom (January 2006)
Trinity Maxwell, by Radius Payment Solutions (Nov 2019)
True Telecom. by Onecom Ltd (2018)
Tspeak, by The Phone Co-Op (December 2005)
UK Broadband (Relish), by Three UK (2017)
Unicall, by M-Line
Unitel One Source, by Telappliant (September 2014)
Uniworld Communications, by Gamma Communications (March 2004)
V Networks, by Opal (The Carphone Warehouse Group) (September 2008)
VarTec Telecom Europe by The Carphone Warehouse Group (December 2004)
Vialtus Solutions merged with Daisy Communications, acquired by Freedom4 Group, renamed to Daisy Group  (2009)
Video Networks (HomeChoice), by Tiscali (August 2006), then by The Carphone Warehouse, aka TalkTalk (July 2009)
Viatel, by Telco Global Comms (June 2001 MBO)
Virgin HomePhone, by Adept Telecom (September 2004)
Virgin Media, by Liberty Global (June 2013)
Virgin Mobile, by NTL, now called Virgin Media (April 2006)
Vodafone at Home landline customers, by PlusNet (February 2012)
Voxbourne, by (November 2020)
Wavecrest, by Marr T&T (March 2009). then by New Call Telecom (December 2014)
WorldOnline (aka LocalTel, Tiscali), by Servista (July 2001)
World Access (aka NETnet, ACC, WorldxChange), by Eurocall (July 2001)
XLN Telecom, by Daisy Group (March 2022) (Comms Factory), by PlusNet (November 2013)
Your Communications, by Thus (February 2006), then by Cable & Wireless (October 2008)
Zipcom, by GX Networks UK, now called Pipex (March 2003), now called Vialtus Solutions (2008)